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Management Services

We have a proven track record in optimising revenue and cost productivity for sustainable profit growth. Peermont managed hotels consistently achieve excellent results in global quality evaluations. The hotels operate at high occupancies with exceptional average room rates. Revenue per Available Room (REVPAR) increased steadily as occupancies benefited from strong macro-economic conditions in South Africa. We have enjoyed reasonable rate increases in most market segments.

Although Peermont management only launched our hotel branding strategy in 2005, we have demonstrated rapid success in the economy / select services market segment for out Mondior and Metcourt brands especially. Occupancies increased to 80% plus in 2006, while the Mondior at Emperors Palace enjoyed consistent occupancies in excess of 70%. The Metcourt averages 77% to date. Peermont hotels' exceptional repeat visits contribute consistently to our impressive occupancies. Guest loyalty has been built by offering great value for money, consistently superior service that exceeds guest expectations, considerable personal recognition and personal touches that match guest profiles.

We are confident of delivering exceptional returns to property owners as well as to Peermont itself. The success of our hotels operations to date provides a strong platform for us to do so. Our Peermont Head Office Management infrastructure is superbly equipped and end experienced in offering our services to you.

Coordinated Marketing

Our marketing services has a strong reputation of achieving a high level of market awareness off a low cost base and participate in a coordinated marketing effort to ensure a cohesive programme and to build international recognition.

  1. Group Marketing Services
    The Peermont Group Marketing Team focusses on building equity of all Peermont brands and oversees the group’s corporate profile and brand-specific marketing as well as measurement of marketing spend against returns. The team is also responsible for all traditional and digital marketing efforts.
  2. National Sales
    The national sales division services Peermont’s major accounts, building long-term relationships and increasing market share through customer-driven marketing initiatives. The domestic travel industry is also carefully fostered. We are leaders in the groups and conventions market and our specialised team ensures that the group continues to grow in this sector.
  3. International Sales
    Our International Sales Team builds relationships with inbound tour-operators and international wholesalers to guarantee global exposure for all Peermont brands. These efforts are supported by the group’s participation in the world’s major travel forums. We enjoy preferred status by the Tourvest group and South Africa’s incoming and outbound tour operators.
  4. Promotional Marketing Activities
    Marketing programmes are designed to stimulate ongoing consumption of each hotel brand, particularly in terms of weekend and seasonal business. The seasonal domestic leisure market is effectively counteracted by creative marketing programmes such as “FunStays”, which offer value-added weekend and holiday packages and are available at all Peermont hotels.
  5. Customer Management
    Peermont has a customer-centric strategy that consists of:
    • Understanding our guests’ needs and wants which guide sales, marketing and services
    • A customer relationship management strategy, which is the original operational strategy and implementation plan that assists us in being customer focussed.

One of the most vitally important initiatives of the Customer Management programme is the deployment of customer insights across the group. We must understand our customers better, their needs, perceptions and expectations. By applying this knowledge, we provide customers with the most relevant information, targeted marketing campaigns, improved offerings and appropriate service delivery.

Our customer-centric strategy focusses on:
  • Capturing and collecting quality customer data that assists us in identifying, understanding and segmenting key customer groups more effectively.
  • Integrating and consolidating contrasting sources of consumer data into a central data repository.
  • Turning data into marketing insights and those insights into effective actions.
  • Applying insight and innovation to sales, marketing products and service to more accurately address guests’ needs.
  • Reaching the right customers with the right message, via the right channel at the right time.

Food & Beverage

A major positioning and revenue generating role, within the Peermont Group, is filled by the Food and Beverage division. Many of our restaurants and chefs consistently receive awards and accolades and our top chefs are members of the prestigious South African Chefs Academy.

In order to satisfy the growing number of international guests, the division constantly reviews its menu offering and refines the wide variety of dining options it offers.

Training Food and Beverage division staff is a key priority. We offer competency-based training for kitchen staff that allows students to develop culinary skills and ultimately obtain a recognised

Effective Purchasing

Due to its size, Peermont enjoys considerable buying power and has negotiated substantial trade discounts and favourable settlement terms with suppliers. The annual volume of goods moved equates to substantial economies of scale and group partners can expect similar benefits. Outsourcing of food procurement to specialists of the field has further contributed to improved pricing.

Our ongoing search for quality is reflected in the Purchasing Department’s activities. The Purchasing Department acts for each brand group and each hotel is provided with a detailed purchasing manual to facilitate and simplify the purchasing procedure at unit level.

We value our suppliers and regard them as an integral part of our core business. We are committed to building long-term sustainable relationships with all suppliers and recognise the need to develop and comply with mutually beneficial contracts. Although best practices and quality of service are undoubtedly important factors, organisations are also assessed for their wider business, social ethical investments, commercial equity and environmental practices.

Central Reservation

Peermont has a cutting-edge reservations system. It allows for immediate bookings, modifications, confirmations and cancellations. Bookings can be done via the Central Reservations Call Centre, or online via Peermont Reservations which include the following features:

  • User profile (login)
  • Individual bookings, amendments and cancellations
  • Promotion codes
  • Block codes for conference delegates to book their respective rooms
  • Client ID for corporate clients, travel agents and tour operators to access their negotiated rates
  • Multiple room types
  • Summary of all future bookings
  • Multiple payment options
  • Deposit and payment debited against credit card
  • 3D merchants with very favourable transaction and commission rates
  • Online tool for bank reconciliation
  • BAR rates

Global Distribution Systems

Partners gain access to preferred rates due to Peermont's affiliation with Global Distribution Systems used by travel agents world-wide.
These include:


Beneficial Memberships

The Peermont Group is a member of the following institutions: